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15 October Apple event: iPad 5, iPad mini 2, Haswell-powered iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro coming?

Have you been patiently waiting for new iPads while everyone's been getting excited about iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s ? Listen up! Rumour has it that Apple is planning a 15 October event, which is expected to see the unveiling of iPad 5, iPad mini 2 and new Haswell-powered Macs.
Next Apple MacBook Pro to be super skinny

- 1 month ago @ We’ve seen just about every cell phone maker jump on the “slim is in” bandwagon (heck, even Nokia is doing it ), so it only makes sense that the other portable electronic thing we carry around follow suit.

Check Your MacBook Pro's Battery When The Trackpad Stops Clicking

- 1 month ago @ MacBook Pro users are all too familiar with a trackpad that doesn’t click properly. Sometimes it just wears out. Before you do an expensive repair, check your MacBook’s battery for bulging. More »          

Mac Photos app now live on latest OS X Yosemite update

- 1 month ago @ Apple's new Photos app has finally arrived with the latest OS X Yosemite operating system for Macs. Now, users on Apple's Mac Pro , iMac , Mac Mini , MacBook Pro , MacBook Air , and MacBook will have access to Apple's new photo viewing and editing app, which replaces iPhoto and Aperture, along with other features on OS X 10.10.3. The new Photos app allows users to organize their photos into ...

New Retina MacBook release date, specs and UK pricing: 1.3GHz build to order option to be announced

- 1 month ago @ Apple has unveiled a brand-new MacBook, its thinnest MacBook ever and named just MacBook rather than MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Here's everything you need to know.



Apple's MacBook Pro and iMac 5K upgrades are pretty meh

Apple's latest iMac is cheaper, but it packs less impressive hardware than its $2,500 predecessor. In addition to the new 5K iMac configurations, Apple also refreshed its 15" MacBook Pro Retina last week.

Macbook Pro Retina R9 M370X based on three-year old GPU

Fudzilla (blog): Back when Apple announced its new 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina and has switched from Nvidia's GT 750M Mac Edition graphics card to AMD's Radeon R9 M370X, we did not have any precise details regarding the GPU, other than Apple's "up to 80 percent ...

13-inch Retina MacBook Pro review: The force is with Apple's workhorse laptop

Macworld: From the outside, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display looks like the MacBook Pro we've come to know from the recent past. The major changes to the laptop are only apparent once you start using the machine: increased speed, and a new Force ...

How to Buy an Apple MacBook Pro

The Cheat Sheet: While you may have whittled your laptop options down to Apple's premium line of portable computers, you still have plenty of choices left to make. However, before we get started going over MacBook Pro configuration options, this might be an opportune ...

Apple Upgrades MacBook Pro, iMac

NewsFactor Network: The MacBook Pro (pictured) adds the new Force Touch trackpad, which uses so-called haptic feedback to simulate the sensation of a physical click. The Force Touch trackpad feature is making its mark on several items in Apple's MacBook line. The feature ...

New MacBook Pro 2015 GPU is Cape Verde

Product Reviews: The new MacBook Pro GPU is most likely a Cape Verde for Apple's May 2015 refresh. The specs were first teased on Reddit and leaks released on Twitter, but final confirmation came later on after a screenshot for GPU-Z. This program helps to discover ...

Weekly roundup: 15-inch MacBook Pro, Meizu M1 Note, LG Watch Urbane, and

IBNLive: Meizu M1 Note: A challenger to Xiaomi's Mi4i, the Meizu M1 Note sports a 5.5-inch 1080p display and houses the new MT6752 64-bit octa-core processor. It comes with a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. It comes for a price of Rs 11,999.

iMac 5k Retina Display (Mid 2015) 27-inch Unboxing, Review and Benchmarks

Scribbal: Although the computer isn't as highly spec'd as its more expensive counterpart, or even the base 2015 MacBook Pro for that matter, nothing beats its amazing Retina 5K display! The complete specifications for the unboxed iMac in question can be found ...


Toshiba Satellite Ultrabook


Sony Vaio


Hp Pavilion


Lenovo Ideapad


Macbook Pro



New 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display: Apple skips Broadwell in

Macworld UK: On 9 March Apple updated the 13in MacBook Pro with Retina display (read about the 13in MacBook Pro here), but it ignored the 15in model – until now. We thought Apple would update the 15in MacBook Pro pretty soon and we were right. Apple has just ...

Which Mac laptop? MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro comparison review, 13in Apple laptops compared

The question of whether to buy a 13-inch MacBook Air (from £849) or MacBook Pro with Retina display (from £999) may look like it has an obvious answer - surely it is worth spending £150 more to get the pro model.


'Advanced Stylus' for iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro, 15-inch MacBook Pro, reveals

Venture Capital Post: 'Advanced Stylus' for iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro, 15-inch MacBook Pro, reveals Apple Patent filing. Verizon Store Stocks Shelves With New Apple iPhone 6 (Credit: George Frey/Getty Images) An Apple iPhone 6 Plus gold, is shown here at a Verizon store on ...

SSD in new 15-inch MacBook Pro reaches read speeds of 2GB/s

Digital Trends: Earlier this week, Apple formally announced an updated version of its 15-inch MacBook Pro, putting an end to speculation as to whether the long-rumoured refresh would take place ahead of WWDC 2015. Now we're beginning to see just how the device ...

Apple Updates 15-inch MacBook Pro, Adds New 27-Inch iMac

Forbes: With the 15-inch MacBook Pro, Apple added a feature that had previously only been found on its 13-inch MacBook Pro models. The 15-inch model is available as of this week in two configurations, one priced at $1,999 and the second at $2,400. For those ...

Apple Updates 15-inch MacBook Pro, Adds new 27-inch iMac

Forbes: With the 15-inch MacBook Pro, Apple added a feature that had previously only been found on its 13-inch MacBook Pro models. The 15-inch model is available as of this week in two configurations, one priced at $1,999 and the second at $2,400. For those ...

Apple unveils faster 15-inch MacBook Pro with Force Touch

Apple announced on Tuesday that it would be updating its 15-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina display, faster graphics and flash storage, and Apple's new Force Touch trackpad — which simulates the sensation of clicking ...

15-inch MacBook Pro with Force Touch, and cheaper $1999 27-inch

Yesterday's report of a new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Force Touch trackpad, together with a new 27-inch iMac, have been confirmed via an official announcement by Apple. Apple today updated the 15-inch MacBook Pro with ...

Apple Releases New 15-Inch MacBook Pro With Force Touch and

Apple today announced updates to its 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display lineup and a new $1,999 configuration of the 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K Display, confirming a recent rumor that said new models of the ...


2015 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro's dGPU (R9 M370X) Is Cape Verde

AnandTech: Earlier this week Apple announced their 2015 15” Retina MacBook Pro. Though Apple didn't make any CPU changes, they did make some GPU changes on the high-end model, swapping out NVIDIA's GeForce GT 750M for AMD's Radeon R9 M370X.

New 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro Lives Up to Apple's Claims, Reaches SSD

Mac Rumors: Apple's new 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, unveiled on Tuesday, didn't include a processor upgrade due to Broadwell delays, but it did get a Force Touch trackpad and one other major improvement -- new PCIe-based flash storage that Apple says is 2.5 times ...

New 2015 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro review

The 13-inch MacBook Pro gets new processors, a cool Force Touch haptic trackpad and a stunning battery life - but is that enough to convince you to upgrade? Our definitive UK review of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro (early ...


Apple Debuts New MacBook Pro

Yahoo News: If this error is occurring repeatedly, we may be experiencing technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience. Refresh Browser. Error Code: 400-101. d31f1c81-94c0-370e-944d-65e80f50cf02. 28qmjklalpqhk. Apple Debuts New MacBook Pro.

Feel The Force Of MacBook Pro Trackpad With 5th Generation Chips And Increased Geek

Does anyone need to know more than the fact that the new 13-inch MacBook Pro shifts data at 1,500 megs per second so it could read a full DVD’s worth of data in approximately three seconds? The new Macbook Pro is fast, but let’s investigate why Macworld has hailed the new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro Feel The Force Of MacBook Pro Trackpad With 5th Generation Chips And Increased Geek is an article ...

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