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Apple Special Event Was A Letdown For MacBook Air Fans Hoping For A Retina Display

Despite a myriad of rumors surrounding the Apple’s special media event on October 16th, the tech company did not update the displays on their entry-level line of laptops, the MacBook Air. Instead, the event focused on the newly launched OS X Yosemite, new generation iPads, an update to iOS 8, a new Mac Mini, and Apple Special Event Was A Letdown For MacBook Air Fans Hoping For A Retina Display ...

iMac With Retina 5K Display Review: Meet The Best Desktop Computer Available

 Apple’s newest iMac has the best display ever on a computing device. Let’s just get that out the way right at the start: You won’t find a better screen anywhere else, period. The 27-inch, 5120×2880 screen has a PPI of 218, or roughly equivalent to that of the MacBook Pro with Retina display, but the specs on paper, while impressive in their own right, can’t convey… Read More

New Mac Pro 2014 preview: a first look at what we can expect from the next generation Mac Pro

What is A + B? It feels like the current Mac Pro hasn’t been with us for very long, but Apple actually introduced it a year ago (although it didn’t ship until the beginning of this year - and in some cases people were waiting until February or later before they received theirs).

Which MacBook should I buy?

Should I buy the MacBook Air, Retina MacBook Pro or non-Retina MacBook Pro? What size MacBook should I buy?

Apple open £1million store in Edinburgh and their first customer through the door was just iBrowsing

LEON WARREN already has three iPhones, two iPads, a MacBook Pro, an Apple TV and an iPod, so while he wasn't ready to add more to his Apple menagerie he did take home a T-shirt.

The new MacBook Pro with all the trimmings could cost you £7, 292

Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Retina display will cost you at least £1,799, depending on how many extras you fancy.

12in Retina MacBook Air release date rumours: 'so thin Apple is redesigning MagSafe and moving to USB Type C'

In this article, we explore some of the rumours about Apple's MacBook Air, said to be gaining a Retina display. Stay up to date with the latest Retina MacBook Air release date rumours including claims that a new 12-inch model is coming later this year.

Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro: Specs Of The Two Most Powerful Laptops In The

KpopStarz: MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: If you're troubled on which MacBook should you get, here you can see a comparison that might give you an idea of which Apple computer will suit your needs. MacBook Air: This MacBook is the light version of the two computers ...



MacBook Pro 2014 Release Date To Be On Christmas Day? Exciting New

KDramaStars: The MacBook Pro 2014 is one of the most anticipated laptops from Apple and we've got some info regarding the MacBook Pro 2014 release date and features! The upcoming laptops from Apple are going to be packed with plenty of brand new features that ...

MacBook Pro 2014 Release Date Set By Apple On December 2014! New

KDramaStars: The MacBook Pro 2014 is one of the most anticipated laptops from Apple and we've got some info regarding the MacBook Pro 2014 release date and features! The upcoming laptops from Apple are going to be packed with plenty of brand new features that ...


So Where's That Retina MacBook Air?

Gizmodo: When the MBA first came out—even when the Retina MacBook Pro debuted—asking for such a high-res screen seemed like a reach. It made sense not to have it there. A Retina screen's worth of pixels to push puts a lot more stress on your laptop's innards, ...

Digitimes: Apple Inc. Retina MacBook Air Arriving Tomorrow

ValueWalk: The Taiwanese publication is sticking to its guns on rumors that the 12-inch Retina MacBook Air will be announced at an Apple media event tomorrow. Digitimes claimed that “shipments of a new MacBook Air model, reportedly equipped with a 12-inch Retina ...

So Where's That Retina MacBook Air?

The MacBook Air is a positively wonderful computer . One of the best! Its design and build-quality are unrivaled and oft-imitated. It pioneered the ultra-super-slim space. But by today's standards its screen is seriously lacking. And there doesn't seem to be much relief in sight. Read more...


Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro vs. 2014 Retina MacBook Pro

Gizmag: The Yoga 3 Pro makes for a very nice-sized laptop, but it's going to be huge for a tablet. Consider how much bigger a 13-in MacBook is than an iPad ... then consider that the Yoga is 5 percent taller and 5 percent wider than the MacBook. During its ...

Hands-on review: iMac with Retina 5K display

Given the Retina-tastic line-up of Apple mobile products - from the iPhone 6 to the iPad Air to the Retina MacBook Pro - it always seemed like a matter of time until Retina displays came to the desktop. That day is today, and the iMac with Retina 5K display is just as good as we'd hoped. Having evidently decided that 4K isn't enough resolution, Apple has gone with a '5K' screen on its latest 27 ...


Here's why Apple doesn't have a MacBook Air with a Retina display

Engadget: There's no question that the MacBook Air remains late to the Retina party, and that you've been missing out if you couldn't justify buying either a MacBook Pro or a suitably equipped Windows PC. Who wouldn't want a better laptop display that makes ...

Retina iMac tested: eyes-on and hands-on

There was no MacBook Air with a high-resolution Retina display on show at Apple's 16 October event, but there was a 5K iMac with a 5,120x2,880-pixel resolution. This 27-inch desktop has a redesigned chassis that looks similar to the current models when viewed face-on, but from the edges is much thinner and -- we hope -- is a hint that Apple's future Thunderbolt Displays and smaller iMacs are due ...


OS X Yosemite Arrives. What Does It Mean for Older Macs?

Re/code: So, for the sake of this review, I also tested the new Yosemite operating system on an “old” 2011 15-inch MacBook Pro that I keep at home. I found that while some Yosemite features, like group messaging and desktop calling, worked on my 2011 laptop ...

Yosemite’s coolest new features won’t be available on all Macs

Apple has finally released its new desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite, which comes with a variety of interesting features, but not all of them will be available to all Mac users. In the OS X Yosemite upgrade instructions posted on its website, Apple has also listed feature requirements that note which Mac models can support some of Yosemite’s coolest features, including Continuity and ...


2014 Retina iMac release date rumours, specs and features: 27in 5K Retina

Macworld UK: However, anyone awaiting the new Retina MacBook Pro, Retina MacBook Air, iMac and Mac mini should note that there are various Broadwell chips being developed by Intel, and the chips that Intel confirmed are shipping now are the M variety, destined for ...


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