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MacBook Pro Vs MacBook Air: The Preferred Mac For Your Money

This year, both the updated versions on the classic MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are out in the market. On one hand MacBook Air is the thinnest and lightest Mac that you can get, on the other hand MacBook Pro offers you the best specs in today's date.

New MacBook Pro 2015 Release Coming as Current Models Receive Huge

Apple Insider readers are in for a treat as it partners with Apple Authorized Reseller Adorama to offer mid-2015 15" MacBook Pro discounts. The device is bundled up with AppleCare when combined with promo code APINSIDER and this $50 Rebate.

Review: 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro Retina

ITProPortal: Magic is missing – I don't feel that new computer thrill – because MacBook Pro is so much like every other one in the series that my fingers touched. Use one in 2009, and the overall experience isn't much different six years later. I am satisfied ...

Deals: $600 off 15" MacBook Pro; $480 off 128GB iPad Air LTE, $245-$360 off

Apple Insider: For the next 72 hours, readers can grab Apple's high-end 15" MacBook Pro (mid-2014) for $1,899 ($600 off), unlocked 128GB iPad Air WiFi+ LTE models for $449 ($480 off), $245-$360 discounts on all mid-2015 15" MacBook Pros with AppleCare, ...

Could 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina Display with Force Touch trackpad be right

BetaNews: Reviewing most any MacBook Pro is a pointless exercise, because this year's model isn't much different from the previous—or the one before. That's why I typically buy refurbished rather than new. But I broke with that practice last month, after a ...

Dell XPS 13 Review: Better Than the MacBook Air

BGR: Apple was way ahead of most Windows laptop suppliers for years with the Retina MacBook Pro. And it's something almost anyone intuitively recognizes. Once you use a very-high-resolution display, you can never go back to a grainy Windows laptop screen.

Dell XPS 13 Review: Better than the MacBook Air?

BGR: But that's still lighter than the Air and about a half a pound lighter than the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro (which I have now). And performance is just as snappy as the Retina MBP. So, Dell has obviously gone to a lot of trouble to balance weight and ...

Seven 'must-have' MacBook Pro accessories for road warriors (July 2015)

ZDNet: My daily workhorse system is a MacBook Pro, and without a doubt it is the best portable I have ever owned. Despite it's 15-inch screen it is small and light enough to take with me most places, yet powerful enough to handle tasks that once would have ...


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Apple MacBook Pro: Top 9 deals and how to buy refurbished Shopping for a new laptop? The Apple MacBook Pro is one of the finest netbooks on the market - but as you may already know, it comes with a pretty premium price tag. The netbook launched in the UK in 2006, and is the heavier version of the MacBook Air.

Best Buy To Offer Discounts On Apple MacBook Pro And Air Laptops During Its

Best Buy is out with its flyer for July 4th sale that will offer discounts on Apple MacBook Pro and Air laptops that includes latest models, as well, according to reports. Best Buy is offering discount of $125 on the $2,499 Apple MacBook Pro that ...

Best Buy Offers $100 Off On Certain Apple MacBook Pro And iMac Models

Tech Times: Best Buy is currently having a neat sale on Apple devices, shaving $100 off its top-notch 27-inch iMacs and MacBook Pro with 15.4-inch Retina display. The 27-inch iMac with a Retina 5K display has stirred tremendous interest, boasting an impressive ...

Laptop deals: up to $400 off and savings on 2014 Apple MacBook Pro

Save on laptops at Micro Center, Microsoft Store, Lenovo, and Dell Home.

Next Apple MacBook Pro to be super skinny

We’ve seen just about every cell phone maker jump on the “slim is in” bandwagon (heck, even Nokia is doing it ), so it only makes sense that the other portable electronic thing we carry around follow suit.


AppleCare will finally replace ailing batteries on more Apple devices

Mashable: The news, first reported by MacRumors and confirmed on, means a MacBook, MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro with a battery at less than 80% of its original capacity can be replaced (free of charge) under the coverage. Previously, this type of ...

Apple MacBook Air (11 inch, early 2015) review: A cautious upgrade, but battery life is superb

£749 (128GB model), £899 (256GB model). More expensive build-to-order options available Our new MacBook Air (11 inch, early 2015) review explains and analyses the changes Apple has made to its MacBook Air ultraportable laptop line-up (such as improved specs and consequent enhanced performance) and the things Apple has kept the same (such as physical design and the screen).


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